7 Steps to a Great Fit

We are on a mission to make sure that every Elle-Vaciόn woman’s bra is a perfect fit. It’s our passion because we know that when your bra fits you right the effects are instant – your posture improves, you look slimmer, your silhouette looks great under your clothes, and no doubt your confidence sky rockets!!

So dump the multipack bras, save the 2-for-1’s for the grocery store and let’s get you on the road to finding the perfect fit Just-For-You!!

To get you on the road to the perfect fit, put on the best fitting bra you own and test how it matches up against the steps below:

  1. When viewed from the side, the band which runs around your body and under your bust should be level all the way around. It should not ride up at the back.
  2. The underwire should sit flat against your body and not on your breasts at all. The wire at the front and centre should sit flat against your breastbone right between your breasts.
  3. Your breasts should sit comfortably within the cup and there should be no bulging either over the top of the cup or the sides of the cup near your underarms.
  4. There should be no wrinkling of the fabric on the cup, or any gap between the fabric at the top of the cup and your breast.
  5. The straps should feel comfortable, and they should neither dig into nor fall off your shoulders.
  6. When you lift up your arms the bra should stay in place against your body.
  7. When you sit down you shouldn’t feel any pressure against your ribcage, nor should it feel difficult to breathe.

If you are a cup size DD or above, we strongly recommend that you invest in good bras made by manufacturers who specialise in designing bras for women with bigger bust sizes.

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