Bra fitting tips for the fuller figure

If you are a plus size woman you’ll know that finding well fitting, pretty and fashion-forward daywear bras on the high-street is near impossible.


Although retailers have begun to embrace all things curvy, that gorgeous dress or the perfect top will only do so much to accentuate your best bits without the right lingerie working its magic underneath.


The way you look is important, but the way you feel is ultimately key, and a poor fitting bra will not only cause you discomfort, but you’ll likely experience breast and back pain through lack of proper support, marks and bruises where your bra has cut into you, and shoulder pain due to over-tightened bra straps.


At Elle-Vacion we know that a well-fitting bra will enhance and compliment your curves, give you great body symmetry and make you feel fabulous and feminine inside and out.


Our bra fitting tips specifically for the fuller figure will help you to understand the secrets to the perfect fit, meaning you can make confident choices when purchasing your next bra.


  1. Don’t be governed by size labels!  That may sound strange, because on the one hand we stress the importance of knowing your size and on the other we say don’t be governed by it.  The key here is getting the Perfect Fit!  Bras can fit slightly differently depending on the manufacturer or the style.  You may be a 38 back in one style and a 40 back in another.  It’s all about fit and how comfortable it is, so if your usual size feels too tight, or too loose be open to the possibility of going up or down in size.  Don’t be a prisoner to the label!


  1. Fuller figured women should steer clear of the two hook bra.  When choosing your new bra coverage and support are key.  We always recommend that you go for at least a three hook closure, simply because a 2-hook bra has to be worn tighter than required to provide you with any degree of support.  A wider bra back will give greater support and it will also smooth out any back or side bulges, giving you a slimmer silhouette under your clothes.


  1. When it comes to bra straps, fuller figured and large breasted women will find more comfort and support in bras with wider straps. A thin strap is likely to dig into your shoulders leading to shoulder pain because it cannot support the weight of your breasts.  A wider strap will alleviate some of that pressure and is able to help properly support large breasts without causing stress on the nerves in your shoulders and arms.


  1. A well-made bra, designed specifically for the fuller figure, or larger bust will have multiple hidden features to support and slim, such as side-panelling in the cup, which is designed to push your bust forwards and smoothen you from the side. Plus, it will be made with firm good quality fabric and it won’t feel flimsy.


At Elle-Vacion we seek out brands which don’t aim to change or alter the curvaceous figure, but work hard to enhance and flatter your natural curves – making you feel good and look even better!!