Our Must Have Bras

For every wardrobe…

Ladies, before we talk about what you need, let’s talk about what you’ve got. All those bras that no longer fit…they’ve got to go!
Those bras with the torn lace and the wires popping out…they’ve got to go! And that really pretty bra, which has never actually fit
(even at the time when you bought it, but was just too pretty to ignore)…has Got-to-Go!!

Ok, so now that we have de-cluttered, you’ve probably got oodles of space, just waiting to be filling with gorgeous new bras.
So let talk must-have’s…


In no particular order we have:

Tango Balconnet Bra

The Balconnet

The horizontal cut of the Balconnet bra gives the appearance of a square cut neckline.  The Balconnet bra creates a subtly enhanced bustline, showing off just enough for a sexy day wear look, but it also creates a luxurious shape for a hot evening.

We Love…

Tango,  for its everyday simplicity and great fit up to a K cup!

Sadie, it’s super girlie, ultra hot and a perfect way to add a splash of colour 

Andorra Plunge Bra

The Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is all about the cleavage!!  Plunge bras have a low centre front which emphasise your cleavage under a low cut or deep plunging top without allowing your bra to show.  There are loads of plunge styles on the market, but Elle-Vaciόn girls should beware – a good fitting plunge will not cause you to fall out of your bra when you lean forward.

The plunge bra is perfect for a glamorous, sexy look, and ideal if you want to emphasise the best of your assets.

We Love…

Fanatasie Savannah, beautifully indulgent, effortlessly elegant, a perfect touch of everyday luxury.

Panache Andorra Plunge, Uber sexy, lightweight like paper and perfect for every shape.

Porcelain Strapless Bra

The Strapless Bra

A strapless bra does exactly what it says on the tin. It is the ideal partner for a strapless dress or top and the best strapless bras should not leave you having to pull it up every five minutes. Most strapless bra’s have rubber or silicone beading along the top edge of the bra, or around the band of the bra to hold it in place against your body.

We Love…

Panache Porcelain Strapless, lightly padded with a gorgeous plunge front and rubber beading to comfortably hold the bra in place against your body.

Porcelain T-Shirt Bra

The T-Shirt bra

T-Shirt bras create a smooth silhouette under a tight t-shirt and because they are designed without visible seams they can be worn with tight or thin fabric tops without creating a VBL (Visible Bra Line).  T-Shirt bras are usually made with light foam padding to ensure a smooth shape.

We Love…

Jude, our ultimate go-to bra! Lightly padded, giving a smooth finish under tops and those fabulous hot pink straps.

Porcelain T-Shirt Bra, for that seam-free look and rounded shape, a perfect everyday wear solution.

Andorra Full Cup Bra

The Full Cup

A Full Cup bra is designed to cover the whole of your breast.  It is designed to give maximum support and is an ideal shape for larger breast sizes or pregnant women who require the additional support.  Full cup bras are a practical choice as everyday wear for a bigger bust, and modern designs give you both great shape as well as support.

We Love…

Panache Andorra Full Cup, Oh so pretty and delicate looking, but provides amazing shape and support for the fuller bust.

The Sports Bra

Sports bras are great because not only do they provide support, they also minimize breast movement, up, down, sideways, depending on the exercise.  Breasts don’t have muscles, but are supported by ligaments, which help maintain your breast’s shape.  Damage to these ligaments during exercise can cause your breasts to droop and sag.  The proper support of a well designed sports bra will reduce stress on those ligaments and help keep your breasts in great shape.  Make the most of your breasts while you work on a great body!

We Love…

The new range of Sports Bras Coming Soon to Elle-Vacion.com. xx